What is NONOS?

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What is NONOS?

Postby jayeye » Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:04 pm

I am using the Arduino environment to program the 8266 (in particular, the HUZZAH board from Adafruit). It appears that it is using the RTOS SDK under the covers.

Is this correct?

What is NONOS? I see similar version numbers being released. What am I missing?



PS: In case you are wondering why I would be using the Arduino environment: the reason is simple: there are lots of driver libraries for lots of sensors that have already been written for the that environment.

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Re: What is NONOS?

Postby vinicius.vbf » Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:29 am

I believe that it should be read as NON-OS, which is different from the RTOS (Real Time Operating System) SDK version. Although, in the RTOS documentation we can read this:

APIs of "ESP8266_RTOS_SDK" are same as "ESP8266_NONOS_SDK"

This is what I get from it: the RTOS SDK is based on FreeRTOS (http://www.freertos.org) and provides schedulers and other facilitators alongisde the API. The NONOS SDK should provide only the core API without the FreeRTOS.

This is what I guess. I've found no documentation to support what I'm saying here and have worked only with the RTOS version of the SDK.

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